Battle Born Clothing's Toyota FJ60 Project

Battle Born Clothing's Toyota FJ60 Project

Think about your dream build. What would you choose for your perfect overlanding rig? Some people might choose a Land Rover, others might opt for a Mercedes G-Wagen. But what if you could have your choice of any vehicle in the world? For many Toyota land cruiser owners, that dream build would be an FJ60. Older and more primitive than its modern counterparts, the FJ60 is the perfect vehicle for those who want to get off the beaten path. With its rugged good looks and unstoppable reliability, it's no wonder that so many overlanders consider this vintage cruiser their ideal rig. If you're one of those people, Battle Born Clothing has the perfect Toyota FJ60 project for you.

We've been hard at work restoring this vintage cruiser to its former glory, and we're excited to show you what it can do. With a little bit of TLC, this old Land Cruiser will be ready to take on any adventure you can dream up.

Toyota FJ60 Freeborn Red

Toyota Did a great job building these so this project will include some subtle mods and more restoration to it's original utility.

- Rust repair Fresh Paint in Freeborn Red

- New Tires

- Dash Cover

- Recovery Gear



If you're a vintage Land Cruiser enthusiast, the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 may just be your dream build. But what if we told you that there was a way to experience this iconic vehicle without having to buy one? You can follow along with us as we do all of our adventures in search of the best places off the beaten path and share it on social media for free! We'll show you how to set up your rig like ours, take care of everything from tires to filters so you don't have any worries while exploring. Follow Along today - find out more about life off-road at or by following us on Facebook, or Instagram (@battlebornclothing)!

We'll keep you updated on our progress as we turn this Toyota FJ60 into the perfect daily driver overlanding Family adventure rig. Stay tuned!